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Hello, I bought some Moss killer [Vitax], I also bought some Weed killer [Verdone and Resolva].

Can I run them over my recently aerated [spike shoes] lawn at the same time? Or do i need to wait in between applications?

I bought a rake and pulled out a large bunch of the moss, but there is plenty left.

Also, at which point do I then use a fertiliser? [not bought yet, not sure where to start with picking the right one, so any thoughts or help on that would be good.]




Precisely which Vitax mosskiller did you purchase? The full name - many have nitrogen added already, and that makes a difference to whether you need a separate feed at this stage or not.

You should wait and apply the Verdone separately, maybe a week later, but the lawn can and should be fed at the same time - therefore, knowing the contents of the mosskiller you've bought is important.

7 Jun, 2015


Hi Bamboo, thanks for getting back to me.

I bought the Vitax 1Kg Green Up Mossfree Lawn Tonic.

So we're saying Moss killer first, then a week later, the Verdone. Ok.
And if this Vitax has feed in there as well, then all is ok, otherwise I'll need to buy some feed soon. right?

Thank you again.

7 Jun, 2015


Well, it seems to have some nitrogen in it or it wouldn't do the 'green up' bit, but check the NPK - that should be on the pack somewhere, if it contains a feed. I've tried finding it on line but it seems to be a well kept secret, so if it has nutrients in it, they should be listed as NPK somewhere on the package. I'd like to know what it is for my own information, actually.... but if it does have an NPK, then yes, you don't need the feed. I'm still wondering whether you should wait two weeks between the two treatments though, there's no clear information on this - I think I'd risk it after a week, but the weeds should be growing strongly, the ground moist, but the blades of grass dry when you apply it - check the pack for the Verdone to see how long between last cut and applying it.

7 Jun, 2015


Thanks again for your advice Bamboo

Here is a shot of the side of the Vitax box

And here is a shot of the back of the Vitax box

Not sure I know what NPK is to check myself - so if you can spot it in those pictures, it'd help.

In the meantime, my lawn has gone black, moss all dead. It's gone black in strips too, so I guess my watering can action wasn't as uniform as I thought. [I had a sprinkle bar!]

When would be a good time to rake it all out?

Also, I'd love to hear your recommendations on what fertiliser I should buy for the lawn [assuming Vitax isn't good enough] Looking for something that will feed whatever grass I have left and get the soil ready for seeding at the end of this summer.
Thanks again.

A picture of the lawn

And a picture of the lawn before I started. [ignore the mower :) ]

9 Jun, 2015


Okay, looked at your links for the box - there's no nitrogen in the feed, the green up effect is just from the iron content, so you will need to feed the grass. The box says to rake out the dead moss after 7 days, so I'd do that, then apply a feed - you can either buy a liquid and mix it in a can, or a granular lawn feed, whichever is easiest. Watch what you buy if you get granules - most of them are weed, feed and mosskiller all in one, or weed and feed, no mosskiller - you just want a feed, no mosskiller, no weedkiller (if you're going to use the Verdone you've already bought). If you use granules, they feed the grass for six weeks, because they take that long to completely break down. If you wanted to reseed bare areas soon, don't buy a granular feed - you'd need to wait for the six weeks to pass before putting seed down. Liquid feeds are instant, but don't last so long, obviously, and you should be able to reseed within a week or so. Note you shouldn't be feeding the grass past July anyway, though its fine to apply a granular feed now.

9 Jun, 2015



So I'll rake out dead moss this weekend.

My next question would be, Verdone first then feed the following weekend? or both at the same time? or feed first?

I'll order some feed do you have any recommendations for liquid feeds?

Thanks again Bamboo, really appreciate to advice.

10 Jun, 2015


Feed first - up to you which you use, then wait a week to do the Verdone.

10 Jun, 2015

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