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Spraying apple trees against codling moth

Most of my apples were ruined by codling moth last year which mustn't happen again.
I only have a small tree - less than 7 ft tall. I've just been looking up "spray - on Bayer Provado bug killer "and there appears to be 1 litre sprays of this at prices between 5 and 10 pounds. Can anyone tell me EXACTLY the right one to buy ? Where to buy it, and whether or not it works ? Thanks



Hank, google 'treatment for codling moth' and select the RHS page - have a good read of that. Its too late for a pheremone trap or two this year, they should be erected in May, but that's your best bet. As its been such a cold spring this year, though, it might actually still be a useful thing to do. You can also order a nematode solution to spray on the tree, rather than using the nasty Provado, which kills bees and may be an ineffectual control for this moth. At the bottom of the RHS page, there's a PDF document you can click on and either download or simply open and read - it lists various pesticides which might be of use.

7 Jun, 2015


Thanks B, i'll do what you suggest. And I really appreciate yours and other's help. As I've said before I'm a complete beginner except for veg growing which your assistance I'm now half decent at.

7 Jun, 2015

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