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Manure Question - How do I know if I have got good manure?

I went to a stables today and asked if I could have some manure. They said to help myself. I found an area which looked really old and wrotted down. In fact it seemed so wrotted down that it just looked like top soil but very rich and dark and moist. Is this what I am after? tI had tons of worms in it too.

Just don't know what I should be looking for in the muck heap. Any advice much appreciated.




Honeybean, don't give out the address of this stable here or you will have every GoYer in the land decending on your corner of Sussex! Your description of the manure is positively mouth watering.

21 Jul, 2010


Phew I am so pleased its good stuff! I won't say where the stables is, but to be honest the muck heap is a positive mountain of manure collected over the last 20 years. My small garden could not use all of that in a lifetime!

Thanks for your reply.


21 Jul, 2010


Honeybean you've struck gold alright, that sort of find could turn an honest gardener into a midnight raider ;-) Use with confidence, now, where's my satnav !!!!! ??? LOL

21 Jul, 2010


Thanks Bulbaholic and Bizzyb, I am thrilled you think I've struck gold. :-)

21 Jul, 2010


where is this stable did you say I will keep it secret honest

21 Jul, 2010



21 Jul, 2010

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