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My apple tree has been suffering from codling moth so this year I put a codling moth trap in the branches. The thing is, this year there has been not an ounce of blossom, but the leaves are plentiful and healthy. Is my tree taking a well earned break?



sounds like it may be. did you prune it?

8 Jun, 2015


Hi, welcome to GoY, I agree with Seaburngirl, but some varieties of apple only fruit biennially, {every other year}, so if you have had flowers and fruit for several years without any missing years, it could well just be having a rest, and will flower and fruit next year, Derek.

8 Jun, 2015


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OOoo I did prune the tree, not in a dastardly way just here and there. I definitely think you are both right - it is having a rest :) thank you so much for replying.

11 Jun, 2015

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