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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I bought a Japanese Maple 'Skeeters Broom' from the GC.

As advised by the tag, I bought Eracious (spelling?) compost for planting in a pot. (The tag specifically mentioned pot planting and using eracious compost in the pot.)

I have planted it in a pot using Eracious compost.

Is there any further advice for the care of this beautiful tree?



You asked about this yesterday or the day before and I think Bamboo answered it?

9 Jun, 2015


No I didn't.

10 Jun, 2015


I beg your pardon. Just checked. It was IB59 who was asking what compost to plant one in, and Moorngrower not Bamboo who answered it. I remembered the question because I'd never heard of it and looked it up.

10 Jun, 2015


No problem. Was it recent? I will use the search bar. Hopefully there is further care on there. I am aware if the type of compost.

EDIT: Just checked. I was already aware of the acidic soil. Maybe it will care for itself, with consistent watering and feed (will have to check label for feed directions.) I remember the label said something about feeding.

10 Jun, 2015


The most common problem seems to be wind damage/sun scorch.

10 Jun, 2015


I will keep a check on it. especially with the glorious Sunshine we are getting, and occasional gusts.

Thanks Steragram.

11 Jun, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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