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I have a south facing garden which has a plum tree which is shedding its fruit and leaves and its only July. It is approx.5 years old, trunk is 4inches in diameter. A few of the branches are brown and withering and it does not look too healthy. Any advice

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Doesn't sound too good I must admit. Stone fruit do not recover very well from whole branches dying as this suggests some sort of bacterial pathogen like Fireblight. I'm afraid if it does turn out to be this particular disease, you can say goodbye to the tree now, it will not survive more than another year or two at most.

All I can say for now is any pruning (removal of branches with cutting implements) must be burnt and the saw, loppers, secateurs etc sterilised as this can be passed on to other members of the same plant family (Rosaceae).

Are any branches/trunk weeping anything? Is it possible to post a picture? You will have to join to do this which is free.

21 Jul, 2010

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