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The leaves of my tree lily and other Asiatic lilies have all turned yellow, even though the plants have not flowered yet. Can anyone suggest a reason why please or a remedy for it ?
Many thanks. Marie



are they in pots or in the ground? if in pots check the roots for vine weevil. Give them a dose of Epsom salts. a teaspoon of salts in a litre of water. these provides the magnesium salts they need to make the green pigment. I assume they haven't been allowed to dry out for any length of time. Are the stems firm or are they going floppy as if they are dying back?

10 Jun, 2015


They are in the ground and have been OK other years. I'll try the Epsom salts and see how they go. Many thanks for the suggestion, SB.

26 Jun, 2015

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