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By Daylily

West Midlands, England Eng

Leycesteria formosa this is my moms plant has anyone any idea why it has thrown up two thick stems with large different shaped leaves on it totally different to the normal leaves? nice large leaves actually but weird, second photo is the normal leaves

20150609_185905 20150609_185916



possibly a mutation in the 'leaf bud' as it was growing. alternatively it is the leaf of another plant growing from seed that has fallen in the base of the stem.

see what others think.

10 Jun, 2015


Your question made me curious so I went and looked at mine and found that my plant has both types of leaves, some stalks have both the cut leaf and the plain on the same stalk. The big stalks are normal as this is quite a rampant plant which also seeds itself - or has help from the birds! Is your Mother's plant a young one, it looks small?

10 Jun, 2015


Hi both thanks for comments, Honeysuckle it is a smallish plant she had it last year I think from a friend, she also gave me a small one and I also looked at mine yesterday and mine is doing the same too, mine is smaller in a pot at the moment, presume then it is normal for this plant?

11 Jun, 2015

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