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I want to plant a line of shrubs, possibly mixed, not a hedge as such but just to separate a mown area of lawn from an unmown wild flower area behind it. I want to do it reasonably cheaply. The screen would be about 50 yards long. What shrubs would you recommend and where to buy them?
Update: to narrow it down a bit most or all should be evergreen, not require any maintenance or pruning, not grow more than about 1.5m or so high. They will replace a dilapidated post & rail fence about 80 yards from the house. Soil is neutral ph and in full sunshine.



Parkers Wholesale is very good, don't forget to price VAT in as well, they have a good online catalogue, and a twice yearly printed book as well, good value for money. To be honest, telling someone what to plant is difficult, it depends on what you like, but mixed evergreens (ceonothus, hebes) mixed with deciduous like hydrangeas can form a mixed hedge, but there is so much to choose from. A simple rose hedge can be nice, depends on light etc. Queen Elizabeth, or Stromboli are good roses for that. Good luck.

11 Jun, 2015


personally I'd look at some native [hedging] plants such as blackthorn, hawthorn, Spindle, hazel, buckthorn, etc. these would be a good 'back drop' for the wild bit but look ok in the none wild bit.
many suppliers of these on line and always ebay if you use it [personally I don't but I know many members are very happy with purchases ]

welcome to GOY too.

11 Jun, 2015


Neither Ceanothus nor Hebes are reliable in a very cold winter. I would following Seaburngirl's advice and look for native hedging.

11 Jun, 2015


Hazel and hawthorn at least will need clipping every year to keep them at five feet though, and blackthorn suckers vigorously one established - at least it does here. And none of them is evergreen. Roses need annual pruning, though Queen Elizabeth would be worth it.
The height restriction is difficult if you do not intend to do any maintenance. I can't think of anything much that will do all you are asking for and grow quickly enough to make your screen without a long wait.And be cheap as well. Sadly most things that grow quickly don 't stop when they reach that height. Rhododendron (some varieties) would get to the right height and be evergreen but would take a long time and would not be cheap. Eleagnus is the best I can come up with but some of those need keeping in order. If your site is suitable a Pieris would be nice.

I would intersperse some eleagnus with some deciduous things. A Magnolia stellata perhaps, one or two Philadelphus of different heights. a compact pyracantha - there is one but I can't remember it,name), a medium height berberis with red leaves.
There is a nice Viburnum Opulus that;s supposed to grow to about five feet but be careful not to get the tall "roseum) - this one is a dwarf. White flowers, red berries.
This isn' t a cheap soution but it wouldn't take much care and would look good all year.

11 Jun, 2015

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