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hello I planted 3 types of perennial bulbs Persian buttercups. daisy anemone perennial tubers. and freesias my question is should all of these be through the soil or do they appear at different times as only 1 type is through see pics I don't know which and also any ideas on how to stop the family of magpies from having a go at my standard roses !!!! hehe thanks

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Its not a freesia anyway. Are you sure there aren't two different ones in the pot? The ones nearer the camera could be the Persian buttercups with divided leaves (Ranunculus) I thought a daisy anemone was a sea anemone??? The third one might be that through a process of elimination

11 Jun, 2015


I would say the 1st and the 3rd photo are the buttercups...Rununculus tomer. The 2nd photo looks like an anemone...A De Caen ?
Freesia would come up like grass but are not the easiest things to grow.

I plant my Anemones and Rununculus in October and they've nearly finished flowering.....and what a stunning display they were.
Always though Freesias were early flowering...feb/march time and should be grown in a cool greenhouse. I stand to be corrected on that though

12 Jun, 2015


to me they all look like your Persian buttercup, which I thought were 'Ranunculus asiatic', but Badfish may well be right.
I think daisy anemone and Anemone blanda and they should have flowered by now. and agree about the freesia. I can get them to flower outside late may early june when started in the greenhouse in January but they never return if left in the ground. too cold and wet.

12 Jun, 2015

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