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My golden chain is half pink and half yellow part of its bark has come away is it ok



I'm sorry, we're going to need some clarification - I'm assuming, by 'golden chain', you mean Laburnum, but I don't know what's half yellow and half pink, and obviously, can't see the bark. Please add more information and a photograph of the problem if possible.

12 Jun, 2015


This sounds like x Laburnocytisus 'Adamii', which is a very strange hybrid between laburnum and broom. No idea about the bark, though.

12 Jun, 2015


Never heard of that, Landgirl, looked it up - unfortunate colour mix, I always think pink and yellow together is ghastly and try to avoid that combination at all costs... unless one of the colours is very delicate and pale.

12 Jun, 2015

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