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I have been given a forest flame which is in a pot ,but it has outgrown the pot and the soil only comes half way up .can I put it into the garden ,I don't have acid soil ,do I have to line the hole ,I have been told there is something which changes ordinary soil to acid soil is this true thanks



Is your soil actually alkaline or just not very acid? Mine does OK in pH 6.5 but I give it some sequestered iron or an ericaceous feed occasionally (say once or twice a year) if i think abut it.

If your soil is actually alkaline you could pot it in a larger pot or you could prepare a planting station as you would for blueberries by digging out quite a large hole and replacing the soil with ericaceous compost. Feed with ericaceous feed several times through the growing season and mulch with pine needles, coffee grounds, peat or anything acidic. I believe adding sulphur chips helps too but haven't tried that.

Changing soil to acid isn't permanent. If you don't know how acid it is buy yourself a pH metre to check with every now and again.

12 Jun, 2015


I am glad I put some plants into pots. A la Chelsea -
am finding that I can move them in midsummer to a new
location where I should have put them in the first place.
Just dig out the soil the right size, drop them in, give them a drink, and its problem solved.
Instant flower arranging in the garden.

13 Jun, 2015

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