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Any ideas about this?
Sorbus aucuparia. Bought a couple of years ago (7ltr pot, so I guess it would have been four years old.) now at a height of fifteen feet (5mtr).
The photo was taken today (12-6-15) but it could well have been taken at the end of March because since then there has been no progress in further growth.
Any thoughts anyone?
What? Why? etc.
I don't fancy digging it out but I can see no alternative.




The answer I am giving you is based upon what I can see in the photo. One possibility is a fungal infection but I see no fungal fruiting bodies on the twig pictured though you may see them on other parts of the tree not pictured. Another possibility is a bacterial infection which is commonly called blight. Of course there can be other causes but from the pathogen angle, if it is either blight or a fungal infection, this tree is in big trouble.

13 Jun, 2015


Are there lesions on the trunk? They weep an amber coloured goo....its a sign of bacterial canker.....

if she doesn't see ityou could pm Bamboo.....Dr Bob helped me once too with a Willow problem

13 Jun, 2015

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