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By Vee400

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Please help how do I get rid of foxes from my garden they are making such a mess and thwarting any effort I make



Though I'm a city boy, I hear human urine is very effective particularly from a male. Don't ask, just do it.

13 Jun, 2015


I only know of two things: a dog or a cat!

13 Jun, 2015


Bathgate's suggestion is reputed to work well. You can also use lion poo, but they don't sell it in every garden centre!

13 Jun, 2015


The human Pee has to be mans Pee so I've heared?

13 Jun, 2015


Or if you don't want your garden to smell like a urinal get a jet spray repeller aimed at repelling cats but will work for anything that moves.

15 Jun, 2015

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