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Corriander. I have sown some seeds in the garden for corriander as my wife tend to use them in quite regularly. I have seen quite a few small plants coming out with 2 leaves. These leaves don't look like corriander leaves although I have seen corriander seeds attached to one or two of these leaves. Hence, I am sure it is corriander plant. Do I cut those leaves or just wait for corriander style leaves to appear?

Thanks in advance.



The first pair of leaves coming from a seed is often different from later ones. They are sometimes called "seed leaves" e.g runner bean's first leaves are oval. Just wait and the plants will get round to growing the ones you're expecting. If you cut off the very first leaves how will the plant make enough energy to grow? They're all it's got!

22 Jul, 2010


Thanks Beattie. I had read somewhere about some plants that if you remove the flowers/ fruits for the first year then have stronger growth later on. I just thought maybe it is the case with corriander since the leaves didn't look the same which I have seen.

22 Jul, 2010


Coriander is an annua - it won't grow next year unless you plant more seeds. If you're going to take the flowers / fruits off perennials, you have to at least let them have leaves!

22 Jul, 2010


Sorry, that should read "Coriander is an annual"

22 Jul, 2010


Watch out for snails. I can't believe they would eat all of my coriander seedlings as it is quite an aromatic herb, but they did.

22 Jul, 2010

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