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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

ID please.....noticed this quite attractive flower which just seems to have appeared in the grass verge at the front of the house, never seen it before. The leaves are a bit hairy.

The second ID please is a weed that just grows everywhere in my garden and I would like to know its name.

100_0483 100_0484



First one is Fox and cubs or Hieracium

The second is creeping jenny or lysemachia nummularia

14 Jun, 2015



14 Jun, 2015


I know the first one as hawkweed - it spreads like crazy!

14 Jun, 2015


It is an orange hawkweed too and yes, it spreads like mad either by seed or runners.

Very pretty flower though

14 Jun, 2015


Must be a present from the birds......Don`t mind weeds like that, in fact reluctant to cut the grass now, but hopefully it will come back.

14 Jun, 2015


Don't worry, it will come back and so will all its brothers. It comes back even when well watered with weed killer!

14 Jun, 2015


Andrea I'd haul this out, pretty as it is... a total thug!

14 Jun, 2015


Thanks MG, I think I best do that to avoid being over-run.

14 Jun, 2015


You'll definitely over run unless you remove... Bulba, accidentally. introduced to our last garden. It is still rampaging around totally our of control!

14 Jun, 2015


Thanks for posting that first pic, Andrea, I just saw some in my garden yesterday & was wondering the same thing.

15 Jun, 2015

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