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wisteria leaves


By Hujo56

United States Us

On underside of wisteria leaves is white rectangular deposits(?), soft and easily removed with seemingly nothing inside. Is it a fungus perhaps? It is all over a very large yard of wisteria.



hi, sounds like this is cushion scale. a sap sucking critter. Don't know if you have suitable sprays to treat them.
welcome to GoY too.

15 Jun, 2015



Thank you for responding. Just spent some time with googled articles about cushion scale. No pictures matched. In fact I don't think this is a critter. I live in northeast pennsylvania,USA. These deposits(?) seem to be just soft cottony rectangular shapes with nothing inside. Oh... I just realized they are only on the underside of leaves of the Rose of Sharons, not the wisteria as I said previously. I am exhausting my supply of know-how on the computer in finding an answer. Don't know what to search for next. Maybe a picture? Yeah like I know how to do that!
Thanks again, Hujo56

16 Jun, 2015


try woolly aphid then that might be a better match. :o)

if you have a digital camera and the ability to put them onto your computer then you can upload pictures here. If they are in your pictures file on your computer you can follow the instructions on here.

17 Jun, 2015

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