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By Grudog

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

when is the best time to try and move a summer flowering clematis and put into a pot many thanks



How old is your clematis? This is important to know for an answer to your question.

15 Jun, 2015


about 5 years old has been overgrown by larger shrubs so looks straggly

16 Jun, 2015


Do you know which variety of clematis it is? Smaller varieties do okay in pots, not as good as in the ground, but taller ones don't do so well.

16 Jun, 2015


A clematis that is five years old can have roots that go down to four feet. If you're going to pot it plan on having a root ball twelve inches or more and a pot large enough to accommodate it. Of course you will have to cut it back, how much I'm not sure since you say it looks straggly.Lets see what other members say about that.

16 Jun, 2015

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