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No flower buds on rose bush

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a rose bush back last year. It had a few blooms left on it.
This year, though it looks healthy, there isn't one bud to be seen. It's growing against a fence, gets enough sunlight and though the soil isn't as good as it should be (will be rectified in the autumn) it's not that bad. Any advice would be appreciated.



If you haven't fed it, nor used composted manure in the planting area before you planted, use Toprose and composted animal manure. You can apply Toprose now, but not again this year - composted animal manure to be spread 1-2 inches deep around the base of the plant, like a mulch, but not so it covers the stems. Water the plant well before applying these treatments.

16 Jun, 2015


What variety is it? What type of soil is is it planted in (clay, sandy etc)? It sometimes happens with roses that the new stems produced come up blind in the first year of planting. Is the rose actually growing well, or just sitting there doing nothing?

16 Jun, 2015


It needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.

16 Jun, 2015


The rose looks well - it faces east. It's Golden Wedding and is in stony clay as the garden was built on an old brick works in the 80's and the previous owner did nothing to it. I did notice yesterday though that the stem beneath the graft union is showing. Now I know I planted it deeply enough but we've had some fence repairs done and I think the soil has been moved. I shall rectify that asap. But as I said, the soil could be better so in the autumn it will get a good dose of rotted manure.

Six hours of sunshine? I don't think any part of my garden gets that much given the large trees next door. However, the rose on the opposite site which faces west, is doing very well and, I think, had a little more manure last year than the other side as we didn't have enough.

I generally use pelleted chicken manure as feeds for most of my plants.

17 Jun, 2015

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