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best way to help your grass grow



i had few dead patches and i got some grass growing stuff from supermarket. i also took out some grass roots from my lawn and sown them below these dead patches. it seems to have work but dead patches appeared somewhere else.

what condition is your lawn in?

22 Jul, 2010


Summer is not the best time to repair lawns - it is too dry. If you plant new grass it will die unless it is watered regularly as it's roots won't have had time to establish. Lawns are best repaired in autumn. They also recover very well on their own when it cools down.

22 Jul, 2010


Your question isn't clear enough - don't know whether you're asking about helping seed to grow, helping new turf to grow, or helping an existing lawn. Different answer for each one.

22 Jul, 2010


Click on the "L" at the bottom of this page, then click on "Lawn Care", and see if that answers you questions. If it doesn't, come back with a more specific question. If you join--and that's free--we can discuss your lawn problems more freely!

22 Jul, 2010

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