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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Enlghten me please - what is it ?

Is it worth keeping ? If so can I transplant it - or better still can I split it up and put half somewhere else.




Geranium, the variety magnificum I think ... In a couple of weeks, when the flowers are finished, if you look in the centre of the plant (by then, all the flowered growths will be sprawling out and down) you should see some new growth. If that is present, cut off all the flowered stems at the base, taking care not to damage the small new leaves growing in the centre.

The new growth will tell you how big the rootball of the plant actually is - if you've got a circle of growth 9 inches to a foot across, then you can dig it up around September and split it in half and replant the sections. If you've only got a circle that's about 4 inches, that's a bit small to split.

This particular variety of Geranium looks absolutely stunning planted in front of, or next to, something with yellow leaves, especially in sun.

17 Jun, 2015


I've got loads of them. I like Osteospermum Sunny Shelia next to them, fantastic colour combination.

17 Jun, 2015


That's great, so I appear to have 4 large Wargraves pink geraniums and now a magnificum. And I've had them for several years not having a clue. I can't wait to send in my next photo.
I bought a packet of campanula muralis this morning, some of which I set as directed. And some of my 15 malope tryffida are nearly 2 ft tall in my front garden. Can't wait for them to flower ( if they will this year ?)

17 Jun, 2015


should do Hank, that Malva is an annual, which means it grows, flowers, sets seed and dies by winter.

18 Jun, 2015

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