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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have relocated a conifer which is approx 3ft tall, dont knowhow old as a dwarf conifer it is now in full sun in a central display bed has been there for about 6 weeks and is going brown, have fed and watered it, planted it into good compost will it come back or have I lost it



Conifers don't like being moved at the best of times but to move it at this time of year is asking for trouble.

If it's going brown then i would say that it was on the way out. Sorry.

18 Jun, 2015


Unfortunately I have to agree with Badfish on this one.

18 Jun, 2015


Why is it so unfortunate to have to agree with me, Moon Grower


18 Jun, 2015



18 Jun, 2015


Thanks moon grower you seem very knowledgable, pity youdont live near you could save me a lot of money. I never seem to get it right everything eiyher dies or the xxxx rabbits think its a free dinner!

21 Jun, 2015


A lot of it is common sense Tercol, for example don't move things in late spring or summer as it will stress the plant/shrub/tree and it will also need a lot more water. Until the GCs appeared and folk wanted to buy plants i flower to put in their gardens all perennials were planted in September/October to allow them to establish overwinter an flower the following spring. Badfish know his plants too you know!

21 Jun, 2015

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