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Please can you tell me what these bugs (flying) are its driving me nuts.Only in the middle of flowers and dont seem to do any damage.There are thousands of them

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Don't know the real name but we call them sun beetles .... I have quite a few on my English marigolds as well .... Val

22 Jul, 2010


Pollen beetles. Lots and lots of people have been asking about them - the beetles must have had favourable weather and a population explosion. They don't do any harm.

22 Jul, 2010


As Beattie says, these are Pollen Beetles. The large numbers being reported recently are a result of the warm, dry weather which ensured lots of the larvae made it to adulthood. Theses adults only eat pollen (not the flowers) and are one of the most important groups of pollinators for summer flowers.

22 Jul, 2010


Thanx a lot for all your information guys

23 Jul, 2010

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