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Found in hobbits garden please tell me what this is?




Hobbit's Garden? Well iti s a fungi but can't give you an i.d. on

18 Jun, 2015


Fungus the Bogeyman... :)

19 Jun, 2015


Second breakfast? A form of fungus, unlikely to be harmful in to the garden. Don't try eating it yourself, though until you have a clear id!

19 Jun, 2015


Common Morel or
Morchella esculenta

possibly, I add. Apparently tasty but becoming rare.

19 Jun, 2015


I did wonder about Morel Buddleja

19 Jun, 2015


Thanks everyone I did Google it and thought morel. Hobbits garden is the name of an area in my garden moon grower! :-)

19 Jun, 2015


Hard to tell for sure from a photo but colourwise I think it might be the Common Morel (vulgaris rather than esculenta).

If there are more of them I would try to get a definite id since esculenta at least is a highly desirable edible fungus. Vulgaris is also edible.

Not much can be confused with the morel because it appears in the spring rather than the autumn but the Gyromitra (false morel) is also a spring fungus, though it generally appears in pine woods rather than scrub, wasteland or gardens like the true morel.

But yes, I agree, no eating until positively identified by someone who knows. There are groups of fungi fans all over the country (UK) - this organisation may be able to help you find one:

23 Jun, 2015

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