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Advice on striking cuttings of crinodendron hookerianum and desfontainia spinosa would be appreciated. I know that they both require acid conditions and I've tried numerous times without success.

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We had both shrubs next to each other at work. Just the Crinodendron now as some bright spark thought they would move the Desfontainia...which promptly died!

The Desfontainia roots with a little bottom (18 degrees or room temp) heat ideally in a mist propagator. A pot with poly bag will do though.Take short heel cutting from side shoots and put in gritty seed compost. They can be slow to root, say six weeks or a little longer. Without bottom heat, they just rot.

The same for the Crinodendron though it possibly doesn't need to be quite as warm and may root without the bottom heat.

22 Jul, 2010

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