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I have a Lavatera which is being bogged down by my neighbours beech hedge. It is in bud now. Can I transplant it to another part of my garden and still expect it to flower ?



It's possible; depends how big it is. It will probably flop over for a while and look dead, but they often miraculously revive. It's best to do on a cloudy cool day and/or late afternoon, evening - when the sun isn't going to beat down on it. Dig the new hole first, then dig wide around it lifting w/o disturbing roots, place immediately but lovingly into new hole, add amendments if you want. Water generously. Trim off some green growth. Water daily for at least a week. Yes, it will flop over for a day or two but slowly come back. Just keep it watered - that's key. I've done this with all kinds of plants.

21 Jun, 2015


It depends whether you are talking about the annual ones or the shrub. If its the shrub and has been there for a while I would expect to lose it if i tried moving it in summer. The roots will be mixed up with the ones from the hedge and are bound to be damaged when its dug up.
It will be interesting to see what others say - I wouldn't expect that shrub to survive a move even in winter if it is more than a couple of years old, but as they are short lived anyway you might as well start again in a new position. If its the annual do as Bathgate describes.

21 Jun, 2015


Thank you both - I will give it a try and hope. I will have to do something because it screams at me every time I pass by.

22 Jun, 2015


OK good luck. If you can give it a little shade for the first few days - until you see it perk up again, that would be helpful. It should pull through and look nice, but next year it will be spectacular.

22 Jun, 2015

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