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Which garden screening ?

We want to put up some screening to cover an old fence which is in a shaded part of our garden

There appears to be a lot of choice, such as bamboo, willow, hazel etc etc ...

Which screening on a role is likely to last the longest ?

We appreciate which ever one we choose will not last for too many years but would like to know which is likely to last longest before rotting & needing replacing

Many Thanks



You might try bamboo but they all deteriorate very quickly. No matter what you use it will have to be replaced every one or two years.

22 Jun, 2015


I have had Bamboo screening for 5 years. It looks dirty but has not rotted. It was on a roll. Just needs wiring onto the other fence with short lengths of cheap plastic covered wire. Strong winds tend to blow it down, if not secure.

22 Jun, 2015

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