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I picked 8 small green pods from lupins in a community garden today. What should I do with them so I'll be able to use the seeds? Thanks!



Hi Chris and welcome to GoY. Unfortunately the seeds you picked are not ripe and, possibly, won't ripen properly off the plant, depending on their size. Leave on a sunny windowsill to dry out and when they are brown open and remove the seeds inside. I'd sow the seeds where you want them to grow next spring but you could also start off in pots and then plant out.

22 Jun, 2015


Hi,I agree with Moongrower, if you want to save the seed of lupins, let only the last flower on the plant go to seed, and wait until the pods are dark grey to black, ideally pick them just before they burst open, and scatter by themselves, Derek.

22 Jun, 2015

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