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I found this 'growing' or 'placed' on my cherry laurel hedge this January. I wondered if it was a moth pupa of some sort. Does anybody know please? It was hard, about 3/4 inch long and 1/3 inch wide.



Hi, welcome to GoY, Prunus laurocerasus are pretty tough plants, and not usually bothered by pests, but they are susceptible to attack by leaf mining moths, so this could be a larvae sack, the best way to know for sure, is to get a knife and cut it open to see what's inside, it's certainly not a beneficial anything, Derek.

22 Jun, 2015


Hi Derek,

Thanks very much for the welcome and the answer. I've looked for images of the leaf mining moth pupa and saw one photo that looked a little bit like 'my growth' (-; I can't cut it open as I found the growth in January and put the leaf somewhere 'safe' in the garden and it's long blown away. I would never have cut the branch if I'd seen the growth--I would have just left nature to get on with it. I'm a science tech and I was cutting laurel to take into college for a respiration expt. It was a cold Sunday afternoon in Jan. and I didn't notice the growth till I'd taken all the cut material inside and was about to put the branches in water to keep them fresh till I took them into work the next day. I have so much laurel that I wouldn't mind some of it being used as a breeding ground for some moths (-; Thanks again, Lesley

22 Jun, 2015

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