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My neighbour has bamboo planted in his garden and it has spread into my garden and Is taking over very quickly what is the most effective way to get rid of it



Those bamboo rhizomes are growing 12 inches a day. Most likely it is there to stay on your property and only a lot of time and effort continually digging it up will contain its spread for a while. Bamboo wins and you loose :(

23 Jun, 2015


The only way I know would be to dig out all the existing rhizomes in your garden and bury a barrier 12 inches deep between your and your neighbour's garden. You could also consider going to your local council for advice and support, some plants really shouldn't be allowed in most gardens.

24 Jun, 2015


I agree mg and I know that the membranes arnt very good at all . the whole plant really needs to go . I think its very telling that the local garden centre doesn't sell any bamboo now .

24 Jun, 2015


Good thing too NP

24 Jun, 2015


I got to agree mg as it will if it hasn't already become wild and that wont be easy to stop .

24 Jun, 2015


I view bamboo as an invasive species... this is a link to the RHS advise on controlling, you'll need to copy and paste Poppy:

25 Jun, 2015

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