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Hard pruned an Escallonia hedge, down to about 18 inches, about 3 weeks ago. A lot of sap came out of the trunks and no new growth showing, yet.
I know it's probably the worst time of year to do this but will it recover or may I have killed it?
Thanks in advance!



Hi, Escallonia are pruning group 9, which means a light prune to keep shape and symmetry, it should be done in mid to late spring, only time will tell if you've done any lasting damage, {which I suspect you may have}, they usually want to be a lot taller than 18", Derek.

24 Jun, 2015


OH did this to mine 7 yrs ago . it sulked for a year but is happy and over 5ft wide/tall now. keep watered well and fingers crossed.

24 Jun, 2015


well i've dug in some blood fish and bone and gave each plant a liquid feed so only time will tell ...
as i said, my main concern was that i'd cut it down at the wrong time of year.

25 Jun, 2015

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