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Foliage discolouration I took some cuttings of a hydrangea plant from a garden on the same estate as me

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Foliage discolouration
I took some cuttings of a hydrangea plant from a garden on the same estate as me. The original plant is a very dark lush green; the cuttings I took have grown into plants in their own right, however they are a much more sickly looking colour green, with an almost pinky/brown tint to the tips of the leaves. I understand how conditions like the soil and feeding can be affecting this, although if anything, I expected mind to be healthier as they are in nice compost, whereas the original plans is left unkempt in old clay soil! The same is happening to many of the plants in my garden, anything with lots of foliage - the leaves on my geraniums in particular are almost red. I'm wondering if it's something in the water... Any ideas? Thank you in advance :)

(The last photo is to show Wildlifebalcony the new cuttings)

On plant Hydrangea

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wow! you actually got the cuttings to grow?
I have never had any luck with that, especially with hydrangea
I don't think any things wrong since they only just established
not sure what's happening to the other plants...
have you checked the nitrate levels lately or PH levels?

24 Jun, 2015


That looks fairly typical for hydrangea cuttings. It actually looks as if it's doing really well, but it does show that 'nice' compost isn't necessarily needed! Ask the person who gave you the cuttings for a pot full of their soil. It may be that you are growing an acid loving hydrangea in neutral compost (the alkali lovers tend to be a bit more forgiving) - do you know what colour flowers it has? As a general rule blue flowers prefer acid, pink flowers prefer alkali and white tend not to mind either way (though there will always be exceptions).

24 Jun, 2015


this discolouration is quite normal. mine does it especially if the water levels and temps fluctuate. its nothing to worry about.

24 Jun, 2015

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