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albezia had to be cut down to this sorry looking stump as it had died im wondering if i can get a vertical shoot out of it again or will it just be side shoots




Hi, any new shoots will be side shoots, there's nowhere else for them to come from, but you may get 1 of the new shoots wanting to grow vertically, to form a new lead shoot or trunk, but unfortunately the old cut off trunk will still be visible, if you leave it to do this I would suggest that you make the cut more slanted, so that water runs off, or it will start to rot, personally I would dig it out and replace with a shrub of your choice, Derek.

24 Jun, 2015


I agree with Derekm. there may indeed be one that takes the lead but it is more likely to be bushy. certainly slant the cut surface to help reduce bacterial/fungal infection.

24 Jun, 2015


thanks would it be better to cut it right down to the base?dont know why i died back after being planted? these should be tough as old boots having said that it has been thru a lot being in containers at first then it survived in a container after being dug up from my mums front garden eventually got planted out but died back thru winter.

24 Jun, 2015


Hi, well if you were to cut it right back to the base, it may or may not end new shoots out, and if it did, would certainly be better looking than at the moment, because there wouldn't be as much old trunk, but personally I would not keep it, but dig it out and either replace with a new 1, or choose something else, I don't attatch any sentimentality to plants, if they're not the best they can be, they get thrown out, Derek.

25 Jun, 2015


thanks derek m i think your right it will look weird i got a nice chocolate one to replace it

25 Jun, 2015

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