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4 photoes of my beetroot 1

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

4 photoes of my beetroot
1. Of the top foliage look like it's gone to seed.
2. Some little parasites on the the foliage .
3 the lenth of the beetroot
4 And the beetroot it's self (will this be woody)?

Image Image Image



Sorry I didn't no you could only send 3 photos
Hope this helps with my question sorry Dave

24 Jun, 2015


Well the beetroot certainly looks woody to me... Wouldn't worry about the wee bugs they aren't the cause of the bolting. Can only suggest you start again Dave

24 Jun, 2015


the yellow 'bugs' are butterfly eggs probable the cabbage white species.
to top stuff are indeed flower buds and the only way to find out if it is woody is to cut it in half and see.

I would re seed and keep well watered as previously suggested. you cant do much about the temp fluctuations though. a variety called Boltardy is meant to resist bolting better than some other varieties.

24 Jun, 2015


Thanks to every one another experience ;-((

24 Jun, 2015


i agree with all the answers above. but dont give up on what u have. normally u cook them whole and twist the leaves off to stop them bleeding. that way they take a long time to cook, what i do when in your situation i slice beet thinly and cook them they only take 10/15 min there always ok. that way u know very soon, by the way the leaves cooked ,drained and fried with a bit of butter is yum yum

24 Jun, 2015


Ill try that cheers Dave

25 Jun, 2015

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