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I have 2 problems I need help with please. One is a rose that has loads of flowers but they are not opening properly. Perhaps they have a disease but it is hard to see as not greenfly. I have sprayed it this year with a pest control but they are not opening right. This is a photo of last year.
Also photo of Acer from last year and same this year. I sprayed last year with a mould spray. Any ideas would be much welcome.

20140904_8 20140904_5



Photos for this year would be useful. I think your rose may not be getting enough water and there looks to be a lot of unproductive wood that could be pruned out. Roses in pots need to be well-watered (stand the pot on pot pot feet or bricks to prevent water logging) and will benefit from regular feeding - invest in specialist rose feed and follow the instructions - plus a mulch in spring.

Can't really see the acer clearly but it looks like the leaves are scorched - direct sun or strong winds are the usual cause.

25 Jun, 2015


If the Acer is in a container it could also be under watering... Looks to be very unhappy and, as Urbanite has already said they don't like full sun and simply hate wind!

25 Jun, 2015


Thanks both of you for your comments. The Acer is in sun and wind - oh dear I planted it in the wrong place as didn't realize.
The rose this year looks absolutely marvelous and I will take a picture and show you. It is in a pot on feet and I do water once or twice a day. I do feed but maybe not enough.
Thanks so much.

25 Jun, 2015

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