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Hello, I am growing courgettes in a grow bag and there are a lot of them coming, should I take some of them off when they are very small so I do not get too many?



Cook the little ones, they are lovely as mini veg and very expensive in a restaurant with the flower attached....just leave a few to get bigger but too big and it'll turn into a marrow!

Lots of tasty recipes on the internet for courgettes.....I like them roasted with big tomatoes peppers and shallots, olivoil and basil, oh garlic too ......

25 Jun, 2015


Couldn't have said it better. Yummy.

25 Jun, 2015


Especially when the toms and pepper are outof the greenhouse Cammomile ?
....I'm growing the long grill peppers again this year, they barbecue lovely

25 Jun, 2015


Thanks for that I already have a big one that's on the menu tonight will look up some recipes on't internet.

26 Jun, 2015


Hopeyou enoyed it Deb, theres recipe for courgette cake I think too.....bit like carrot cake...

28 Jun, 2015

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