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Should I take deadheads of my peonies. Flowering has been over for about three weeks. They are well established ones. Been in for a number of years. Hope someone can help. Thanks



All I can say is we don't.

25 Jun, 2015


I'm no expert, but I deadhead mine. Thy look so messy and I want the energy to go into plant growth not into developing seeds. Have just seen Moongrowers reply - think she knows best!

25 Jun, 2015


We prefer to leave the seedheads on. They may look a little scruffy at first but as the seeds ripen and split open you should see the seeds starting as red then purple then black. Attractive in their own right.

25 Jun, 2015


I leave mine on too.
Bulbaholic. My seeds on my Tree Peony don't plump up, wonder why ?

25 Jun, 2015


Not been pollinated, Ladyessex.

26 Jun, 2015


How do I pollinate mine?

30 Jun, 2015


You can't easily Ladyessex, needs insects to do so.

1 Jul, 2015


With our species narcissus and crocus I do the job with a small paintbrush, but I cann't imagine doing that to paeonies.

1 Jul, 2015

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