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By Cardoon

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

It is ages since I visited this site and I had forgotten how brilliant it is! Anyway to my question...does anyone have any tips on how to permanently remove Oxalis? We have loads in the beds around the edge of the house and it is so invasive and seems impossible to get rid of with the roots forming hard wood clumps.



Oxalis is a synonym for permanent.

28 Jun, 2015


Do you mean Oxalis corniculatis, which has small yellow flowers? The plants leave small bulbils behind in the soil when you pull them out. They should be susceptible to glyphosate weedkiller if you don't mind using chemicals.

28 Jun, 2015


It it's the pink variety, you can just dig out the corms. I love it and it seems to go on for ever. Not too invasive either.

28 Jun, 2015


Landgirl100, it is the pink variety and I'm not sure that chemicals would work even if I did use them (which I don't). Thanks Arbuthnot but the corms have formed really hard clumps which are just about impossible to dig out. Furthermore I have about 37feet x 2feet to get rid of. I am sure it looks lovely in small doses but it looks so messy and I find it quite invasive but that may be because it has got so out of hand.

28 Jun, 2015


Strange - I can't grow it at all...

29 Jun, 2015

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