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Hi, again,
Planted a Stag Horn Sumach about 5 weeks ago and is doing well so far, there were some large leaf stems (not sure if that is the correct term but sounds good to me ?) at the bottom touching the ground so I removed the I have also put in a slow release feed balls a small stick in to keep it upright in the wind. My question is, is there anything thing else I should be doing at this stage to make sure I get strong tree in the future?

Thanks, David

On plant Stag horn sumach




Yep...dig it out and throw it away lol

Seriously, lovely small trees, stunning autumn colour, nice exotic foliage and flowers....they're really as hard as nails. Just keep watering it....a 2 gallon watering can every day for this year at least.

The reason for my first comment is that they are well know for throwing out loads of suckers everywhere, which can be a real pain !!!

28 Jun, 2015


Hi Badfish

Thanks for the advice I have been watering everyday but i was told that once I see new growth I should stop watering and it will fend for itself but that doesn't sound right, it has almost doubled in size since I planted it.
Yes the suckers have been popping but I cut them off and I'm trying to see if I can grow them now joy yet.

Thanks, David

28 Jun, 2015


Did you read the label when you bought it? Sorry to be a killjoy but better now than later -you have planted it much too close to the fence. I would move it before it gets any bigger. It looks nice now but you have already seen how fast its growing. Trees grow widthways as well as taller! When these trees are mature they can grow to 20 feet wide
|It will reward your care with suckers all over the lawn but they will mow off OK. You will wonder why ever you tried to grow the suckers on..

29 Jun, 2015

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