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A friend gave me this but we don't know what it is any helper thanks




It's a Mimulus, a lovely bedding plant that is relatively short lived. It will almost certainly be finished flowering by the end of August unless you dead head it, keep i well watered and feed it weekly

28 Jun, 2015


Thank you

28 Jun, 2015


I have had a minibus just like yours growing on the waterfall of my pond and it has returned for the last 3 years or more, could possibly be a seedling but it's a lovely plant.

28 Jun, 2015


There is a perennial variety which grows in wet can spread a bit too by seed.

29 Jun, 2015


It's done well even after the gigantic hail stones hit it last week. I thought it would of been torn apart tough little plant. Thanks for all you answeres

6 Jul, 2015

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