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By Hank

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Private messages ! ( an apology )
Oh dear, i just checked my Private Messages file and have 39 unread, so I must owe a lot of people my apologies. I was sure GoY used to notify me when one of these arrived but I guess this is not always the case.
So, really sorry folks, I'll check more often in the future.



I don't get notified either. It would be a help if GOY did let us know though.

29 Jun, 2015


The site used to send an email every time a private message came to your inbox, but a couple of years ago, they stopped that - they do notify, but you might have one private message sitting in your box for 2 days or several messages for a day before the email arrives. Sometimes, I've noticed a PM, but the email to tell me about it arrives a day or two later.

On the other hand, Hank, you sent me a PM dated today - the email to tell me there was one waiting also arrived today, so its a bit random.

29 Jun, 2015


Have a word with Dave via contact us.......

29 Jun, 2015


I hardly ever think to check and have been caught out a few times.
It would be great if the question page gave an indication of a received PM.

29 Jun, 2015


Your news page shows the number of unread private messages.

29 Jun, 2015


Thanks M, I've just checked it out and you're right of course. I hadn't a clue but will remember this in future.

29 Jun, 2015

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