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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

This lovely plant is growing through a honeysuckle in a friends one knows what it is...please help!!!.............Sorry its the wrong way up ::>)




Perhaps a Weigela? There are many varieties.

30 Jun, 2015


Thank you Landgirl....This flower is really tiny....I'd love to get its name....:)

30 Jun, 2015


Which way is up in the picture - is it sideways on or upside down? I'm just wondering if its a Cestrum such as C. elegans, but to be honest, the pic's not that good, need more detail on the flowers, can't tell if they're in clusters for one thing.

30 Jun, 2015


Jasminum beesianum , I have it too, mine would be flowering but had to have a severe cut back this year :-)

30 Jun, 2015


If the flowers are really small, then the Jasminum beesianum is a good shout.

30 Jun, 2015


Spot on Simbad....thank you all so much...i've just sent for it on Ebay....:>)

30 Jun, 2015



1 Jul, 2015

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