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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Another mistaken identity methinks.

I grew these 2 plants from seed, assuming both were sweet peppers. They look different. I fear the worst. Which one do I throw away ?




I'd say the one on the left but I wouldn't swear on it. Why can't you keep both and find out?

1 Jul, 2015


They look similar to me.

I have seen various types of plants where individuals (even when raised together) look different due to their growth habit.

1 Jul, 2015


Live dangerously, Hank, and let them both thrive!

1 Jul, 2015


I guess I'll keep them both then, and report back later - unless someone else says differently.

1 Jul, 2015


mine are all slightly different. think of it as having one blond child and one brunette, both human just slightly different.

1 Jul, 2015


Don't throw away either of them. Plant them both and enjoy whatever comes up. Think of them as your children. Life is full of adventure and surprises. It's the spice of life.

1 Jul, 2015


The one on the right looks like Basil to me. Try a leaf to find out.

2 Jul, 2015

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