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My cucumber, cornichon and courgette plants are all afflicted with white spots on the leaves, the fruits then go brown and wither. Courgette is outdoors, others in greenhouse. Help!



High this is caused through high humidity – Powdery mildew – white spot and will spread very quickly so treatment must be carried out as soon as possible – I use a mixture of baking powder – One table spoon to One gallon of water – Spray top and bottom of leaves – up to three days if necessary. This has worked for me in the past- Triffid Killer -- I meant Baking Soda not powder

1 Jul, 2015


If it really is powdery mildew, the most effective treatment is actually 1 part milk to 9 parts water - must be cow's milk though, and spray till run off. Here's something to read about milk treatment and mildew - note the comments about the smell, but if you use totally skimmed milk, its less smelly - its the cream that makes it smelly. The article also says there's some 'confusion' about the ratio of milk to water - there isn't really, its 1:9 for powdery mildew, 1:2 for blackspot, and inbetween those two treatments is where the so called 'confusion' arises. In both cases, its cows milk, not soya or almond or coconut or sheeps or goats!

1 Jul, 2015

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