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Hellebores and white fly
Hi goyers, the dying foliage on my hellebores (they are fine with lots of new growth), seems to have caused a whitefly invasion. Should I remove leaves and flowers prior to the new season growth in order to avoid a repeat of this problem next year, thanks



Hellebors are notorious for attracting aphids. Yes, cut off the affected parts to keep the aphids away from new growth but they will still come back again next year.

2 Jul, 2015


Our hellebores are covered in white fly right now, we'll cut the old foliage back shortly and all will be well. I see them as white fly magnets :)

2 Jul, 2015


Ours are covered in the shed skins of aphids. It looks like a white fly invasion, but not, just greenfly. I ignore them as ladybird and hoverfly food. We do go round and cut off the old flowering stems though, to stop self seeding by the million.

2 Jul, 2015


Thanks all, I will clear away the old flower stems and be vigilant in spring next year......

2 Jul, 2015

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