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Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

I saw a plant today that had NO leaves, a thick green stem and these solid green balls on the top all grouped together. Inside the balls were white 'seeds'? But there was a liquid present, some got under my nails and now my fingers sting whenever they are pressed.

Does anyone know of this plant? Or if it's poisonous?

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It's almost impossible to identify plants from a description only, we really need a photo. Also, it's not a good idea to publicise your email address on an open forum where anyone can see it.

It looks as if you're having a bit of a reaction to whatever it was, why not soak your hands in a bowl of water for half an hour or so? Or do some hand laundry, which will have a similar effect, with a bit of detergent to help remove the remains of the liquid and several changes of the water when rinsing the clothes.

23 Jul, 2010


Probably a Euphorbia of some sort. I agree with Beattie. Wash your hands over a period of time. Do the dishes...anything that will rinse them off.

24 Jul, 2010

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