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In our area we have wild Silene antirrhina, S. galica, S. multinervia, S. verecunda
I would like to find seeds of these. Any suggestions on where I might look?
Michael Hart

On plant Silene



Hi there! We are a forum of garden lovers, not online traders. That said, you might have some luck finding what you need in the "Shopping" link on the bottom of this page. Here are another couple of good places to look:

A piece of advice: leaving your name and e-mail address on an open forum is a bit of a security risk for you! Hope you find what you want!

23 Jul, 2010


If you have them growing locally in the wild is there any reason why you can't collect a small amount of seed from these plants for your own use? Perhaps it's illegal where you are? Or you may need the landowner's permission?

23 Jul, 2010



24 Jul, 2010


Frequently, a permit is needed to collect seed on public land. On private land you first need to locate the property owner--not always easy in wild country here--and get their permission, both to enter the property, and to collect seed. If they are endangered species, you will also need to get a permit from the state to collect seed even if it is on private property. The chances of him getting caught are minuscule, but if he is, those could become some very expensive seeds! Most reputable sources will sell seeds that were produced in the garden, not collected in the wild, so wild populations won't be endangered nearly as much.

24 Jul, 2010

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