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This plant has grown where I planted lettuce, but it is clear now that it is not lettuce and indeed is about to produce some pink flowers.
Please can someone identify it for me?

Lettuce_plant Lettuce_plant_flower



Looks like an opium poppy, papaver somniferum.
Seed could have been dormant for a while, just waiting for the right conditions, or fresh seed dropped by a bird.

3 Jul, 2015


Yes - definitely a poppy.

3 Jul, 2015


Many thanks for your answers. I have googled papaver and yes it appears to be that. I guess I need to move it from my salad bed and put it some where else before I get inundated with self-sown poppies!

3 Jul, 2015


Or let it grow and remove the seedheads before they ripen. Though you can collect the seeds and use them in cakes, bread etc.

3 Jul, 2015


I doubt you will be able to move it now as these have a long tap root and dislike disturbance.

4 Jul, 2015

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