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I have an evergreen Magnolia tree in my Garden, that I rescued from a friend who was going to cut it down about 12 years ago, all the leaves are going brown & falling off. I have feed it with Iron a couple of times so far this year, but it's still sheeding a carrier bag full of leaves each week.




It's a beautiful Magnolia Grandiflora. It has been rather hot lately and I'm sure the ground is dry. I'd try giving it a really good soaking each evening. Fingers crossed.

3 Jul, 2015


I would question that it was ever going to get a decent amount of water stuck in between the two sheds. They prefer moist, rich soil.

3 Jul, 2015


Even evergreens shed their leaves - it's just that they don't do it all in one go in the autumn. My magnolia grandiflora is shedding leaves at present, but there are still lots of green ones (and it's flowering).

3 Jul, 2015


Don't the flowers smell wonderful.

3 Jul, 2015

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