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just bought a couple of small curry leaf plant seedlings, all pictures i see tell me it is a curry plant, but? it has same aroma as my neem tree, which also has identical leaf structure, and when i compared these seedlings with my neem seedlings they look identical.

should this be so please? tasted a tiny leaf from the tiny curry seedling can't say as it tasted like curry, i did get the after aroma of neem in my mouth.

or do i just wait until they grow bigger?

many thanks



Wait until they grow bigger - they could be confused with one another, particularly when small. Suggest you Google 'neem tree leaves' and 'curry leaf plant' for a comparison of mature leaves - there are similarities, but the leaves on neem are much more serrated, with a long terminal point when compared with curry leaf plant. There is also a greater density of leaves with the curry plant - the links below show pics of both, but there are more on the internet


4 Jul, 2015


thanks bamboo,

i'll look at those links, i just never imagined 2 plants could look so similar and have same aroma


4 Jul, 2015


Well it might be that your new plants are actually neem and you've been mis sold - but the serration round the edges on neem leaves is much more noticeable than on curry leaf plant. As for the taste, well, that's a variable thing - if you shut your eyes and someone tells you to chew a leaf of something they tell you is, say, oregano, but its actually sage or thyme, its surprising how difficult it can be to tell what it is you're chewing, other than that its got a flavour. You'd think it'd be easy, but it isn't always

5 Jul, 2015


thanks bamboo,

guess time will tell

take care

8 Jul, 2015

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